Sunday, May 8, 2011

Official: Pakistan is still holding bin Laden’s 3 wives, children for questioning

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s foreign ministry says government officials are still holding the wives and children of Osama bin Laden for questioning and that so far, no country has sought their extradition.
Pakistan gained custody of bin Laden’s three wives and eight children on Monday after a covert U.S. operation killed the al-Qaida chief at his hideout in the northwestern city of Abbottabad.

Among them was bin Laden’s Yemeni-born wife, Amal Ahmed Abdullfattah.
She has told Pakistani investigators that she moved to the home in 2006 and never left the compound.
On Sunday, a Pakistan foreign ministry spokeswoman, Tahmina Janjua, said that neither Yemen or any other country had asked for the extradition of bin Laden’s relatives.