Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Myanmar president pledges to work for best of nation with advisory board

May 04, 2011

Myanmar has formed a nine-member advisory board to the president U Thein Sein, who pledged to work for the best of the nation with the advice presented by the board.

The introduction of the advisory board on political, economic and legal affairs came a month after the newly elected president's cabinet was sworn in to office on March 30 with a commitment to good and clean governance.

The advisory board dealing with political affairs include three noted persons -- U Ko Ko Hlaing, Dr. Nay Zin Latt and U Ye Tint, all of whom are noted for their past experiences on the political arena, local media said.

U Ko Ko Hlaing stands as current vice chairman of the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association and a presenter with Myanmar Radio and Television-4 and FM Radio on international affairs. He is also a retired colonel.

Dr. Nay Zin Latt is known as a famous writer with weekly journals commenting on international affairs and widely accepted by the public. He is also secretary of the Myanmar Hoteliers' Association. U Ye Tint is a former editor-in-chief of the "Mirror" daily.

The advisory board handling economic affairs comprise of economists Dr. U Myint, U Sat Maung and Dr. Tin Hla Bo, while the legal affairs team is made up of retired police chief U Sit Aye and Daw Khin Myo Myint and U Than Kyaw.

It is assigned to study the current domestic and international affairs, taking lessons from their events and submit to the president advice that may benefit the nation, local media reported.

Since assuming office on March 30, the Myanmar new president has been putting hope on creating good governance and clean government in the course of building a modern, developed and democratic nation.

It was expressed in his series of speeches delivered to his government cabinet and union-level organizations.

U Thein Sein stressed the need to follow some policies in implementing the final step of the seven-step roadmap, laid down by the previous government to shape a modern, developed and democratic nation.

He emphasized the utmost importance for the administrative bodies to be transparent, accountable and consistent with the constitution and the existing laws in carrying out their works, while respecting the people's wishes and ensuring all inclusiveness.

He also stressed the importance of discipline, democratic system and rule of law.

He called for respecting the role of the media which is to inform the people what they should know and appreciating positive suggestions from the media.

He warned that "if the administrative mechanism guarantees the people's life security and civil servants treat the people fairly, and the people lead a peaceful life under the protection of the law, the constitution that shapes the administrative mechanism will be reliable."

Noting that Myanmar is not a rich country yet, U Thein Sein pointed out that "there are still people whose life is a battle against poverty, whose life is a hand-to-mouth existence and many unemployed people."

In order to become a clean government, U Thein Sein stressed refraining from corruption and bribery which he said would tarnish the image of the nation and the people.

He also stressed the importance of the cabinet's first five years' term in running the government, believing that if a giant step is taken, the nation will have a prosperous future.

He emphasized the need to create job opportunities for everyone in the market economy system and levy tax so that contribution will be made to the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP).

Assuring free engagement in cultivation and trade under law with more restrictions to be lifted, the president stressed the need to manipulate the market with rules and laws, urging the people to work on a self-reliant basis for socio-economic development instead of relying solely on the government.

Source: Xinhua