Sunday, May 1, 2011

Myanmar president urges workers to work for developing nation

14:43, May 01, 2011

Myanmar President U Thein Sein Sunday urged workers and peasants in the country to work for building up a peaceful, modern and developed nation through national unity on a self-reliant basis.

"In the process, if workers and peasants work with might and main under the leadership of the government in productivity and services, the nation will enjoy greater development in the political, economic an social sectors," U Thein Sein said in his message on the occasion of the May Day which falls on Sunday.

Noting that the national development of the country is picking up momentum, Thein Sein said the government will keep trying to enable workers to enjoy fruits of development such as rights and better living condition including more choices for jobs, higher income, worksite safety and welfare.

He told the workers in the country that the government has been encouraging foreign investment to run modern factories and plants, which he pointed out is a good opportunity for the workers to enjoy high salary, rights and jobs.

He specially emphasized the need for the workers and the peasants to work hard in cooperation with the government for sustainable development of agricultural sector and speedy industrialization of the nation, and to guard against destructive acts of neo-colonislists.

Source: Xinhua