Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nearly 35,000 dogs found carrying rabies in Yangon

By PNA / Xinhua and U.S. News Agency / Asian
Nearly 35,000 dogs or 30 percent out of 100,000 in Myanmar’s Yangon have been found carrying rabies, local media reported Wednesday, quoting the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department.
According to research, seven out of 21 dead dogs were discovered with rabies in 33 townships of Yangon and Lyssa virus was the most possibility to have caused the death.
About 5,000 people in Yangon out of 50,000 across the country were bitten by dogs annually but only about 60 patients, who were infected with rabies, were hospitalized, the report added.
Myanmar health authorities has decided to draw an anti-rabies national project, take registration and provide anti-rabies vaccine for pets bred at home as well as eliminating stray dogs on streets.
According to record, the Yangon City Development Committee wiped out 11,864 stray dogs over the past three years.
The exposure to rabid dogs stands the most possibility for infection to human and an animal with rabies virus in its saliva can transmit a person through biting.