Sunday, May 1, 2011

Testing the digital media freedom in Thailand

(Bangkok Post)
A global assessment on Internet and digital media freedom has recently been released by Freedom House, and Thailand's Internet freedom status is listed as "Not Free" (the other statuses being "Free", "Partly Free", and "N/A" based on the level of access, limits on content and violations of users' rights). With the country scoring above Burma, China, Egypt and Lybia but lower than Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, 'Muse' asked what you think is reflected by the report? ( How do you see the level of Internet and digital media freedom in Thailand? Here are your answers!
"It's not completely free but in some cases, the lack of total freedom has a point. However, there are cases that make me doubt whether blocking content is the right solution. Thai digital media is not enjoying the freedom it deserves when it comes to certain issues. I think it is unfair to block content because sometimes readers should be able to judge for themselves. It would be great if we could read and analyse with our own brain, not someone else's."
"The media, digital or not, is not free because the content is judged by a group of people. Digital media is sometimes blocked by some people who believe the content is harmful for viewers. I think it's not fair to put frames around our thinking when most of us are capable of making rational judgments about content."
"I think we have enough digital media freedom as is. At least it is available 24/7 for those with Internet access, whether by phone or by computer. Social media channels that help spread news and information also help, so even topics that are not available for discussion in Thailand can still be discussed on such websites."