Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canada to press new Myanmar on rights

Apr 21, 2011 

OTTAWA - CANADA'S governor general on Wednesday accepted the credentials of Myanmar's first ambassador to be posted to Ottawa in years, saying Canada looked forward to talks with him on human rights.
The appointment of U Kyaw Tin, a career diplomat once previously posted to Ottawa, is the first since Myanmar's military regime disbanded.
His accreditation 'will provide us with more opportunities to communicate our key interests and concerns,' Governor General David Johnston said in a speech.
'Canada looks forward to engaging with you on important issues of human rights, democratic development, and the rule of law during your tenure as ambassador,' he said. 'These issues are of fundamental importance to Canada, both at home and abroad.'
Myanmar has not had representation in Canada since its last ambassador was recalled in 2004. Canadian diplomats operated from high commissions in Malaysia and Bangladesh and more recently from an embassy in Thailand, when dealing with Myanmar.
Myanmar's ruling junta officially disbanded this month, giving the country a nominally civilian government for the first time in nearly a century. But many analysts dismissed the move as top junta figures remain firmly in leadership positions, albeit without their uniforms. -- AFP

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