Thursday, April 21, 2011

145 criminal cases reported in Myanmar Yangon during water festival

14:01, April 21, 2011 

A total of 145 criminal case were exposed in Myanmar's Yangon region during the just-ended four-day Myanmar water festival in the weekend, nabbing illegal sale of liquor with 78 cases five times more than last year, local media reported Thursday.

Two people died and 17 others injured in nine cases of car accident, said the Biweekly Eleven News, adding that a person was murdered during the festival.

According to further report, three people, who are women, were killed and 50 others including three monks injured in a passenger bus overturn accidental case which happened in Yangon region's Hlegu township on Sunday, the first day of Myanmar new year.

The car driver fled after the accident, the report said, adding that the cause of the overturn of the bus was due to unskilled driver and overload of passengers even on top of the bus.

Local police is taking action against the driver and the spare, the report added.

Source: Xinhua